Residents United to Save our Hometown (R.U.S.H.) is a community group located in Rush, New York that is concerned about the future of our region and its rural character. We are opposed to industrial-scale solar energy production on thousands of acres of prime agricultural land that corporations like Invenergy are trying to develop.

  • Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Invenergy is developing the Horseshoe Solar project. The project is leasing land in the towns of Caledonia and Rush. It plans to use 600,000 solar panels and generate 180 megawatts of power.

  • Over 160 area residents have joined Residents United to Save our Hometown. They provide time, expertise and financial support.

  • The NYS Department of Public Service awarded R.U.S.H. $21,000 to help with legal expenses and subject matter experts. Similar amounts went to the Towns of Rush and Caledonia.

  • Our seven-member Steering Committee oversees the work of R.U.S.H. Subcommittees, Communications, Legal issues, Meetings, Membership, and Financial contributions. We also formed three Subcommittees:
    • Public Awareness Committee: fliers, signs, door to door canvassing
    • Solar Law Subcommittee: Strengthening Town Solar Law
    • Horseshoe Solar Stipulations Subcommittee

  • We need your expertise and help to identify overlooked areas of concern in the Invenergy Horseshoe Solar Application. We are challenging faulty or biased studies offered by Invenergy in support of their application. We need to create valid alternative arguments that support the concerns and position of area residents.

While, this is a good start, it is not enough – We need your support and help!

Instructions for emailing our NYS legislators asking for their support

 Instructions for emailing our NYS legislators asking for their support to develop and implement sensible siting strategies for large-scale solar energy generation installation facilities in our state. Please join us in making our voices heard. 

Instructions for sending these messages are included below.